Why Use Gillham, Golbeck & Associates

Gillham, Golbeck & Associates is your competitive edge in the quest for real estate talent.

Gillham, Golbeck professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in real estate and executive search experience. We have been recruiting top talent in the commercial real estate industry for more than 35 years...and we can help to fully develop your company's potential.

When the cost of turnover is high, you can't afford to take the job of recruiting lightly. The estimated replacement cost of a "bad hire" is 1.5 to 3.5 times the annual salary of the position.

If your organization is missing key talent, Gillham, Golbeck can help by identifying and recruiting the leaders and achievers you seek.  The top people are generally not looking for a change in employment; the vast majority of the candidates we pursue are "passive", that is, employed and reasonably satisfied. It takes concentrated effort to source and attract them to a new position.

That's where Gillham, Golbeck's research, teamwork, in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate and long tenure in the market pay big dividends for our clients. We know how to persuasively present career opportunities to passive candidates and deliver them to our clients. This results in a winning scenario for all.

Our Clients Come Back

For over 35 years more than 90 percent of our business has been repeat business. That is a successful track record. The number of placements we make in a year is one reason Gillham, Golbeck & Associates has been named the #1 Real Estate Search Firm by the Dallas Business Journal.

Customized Searches

We believe the key to executive recruiting success is a strategic partnership based on trust, integrity and a superior level of service.

Retained Searches

As a general practice, our searches are retained. Retained searches begin with an agreement which outlines each party's participation in the search process. This type of search guarantees our clients the full resources of Gillham, Golbeck & Associates to successfully meet their requirements. It also guarantees our work. The retained contract ensures the replacement of a candidate or the adjustment of a fee, when necessary due to particular circumstances.

We work with each individual client to establish a fee schedule based on criteria established at the initiation of the search. One-third of the fee is paid when the search is started, with the remaining two-thirds due when the chosen candidate starts work. The retained agreement also states that the client will work only with our firm for a particular search or for an agreed upon period, thus ensuring the confidentiality and effectiveness of the search.

Flexible, Performance-Driven Searches

We can also tailor our services to the complexity of each executive search assignment and to the degree of assistance requested. On occasion, we can offer a candidate immediately which does not require a large-scale search. In these cases, the payment terms may be modified.

We establish long-term relationships with the companies we serve.  Over 90% of our searches are repeat business.


We take confidentiality seriously.

Each member of the Gillham, Golbeck & Associates team brings clients the hands-on real estate industry experience required to achieve a successful professional placement. Through the process, the confidentiality of both client and candidate is carefully protected. This is a cornerstone of our professional business practice that has earned long-term client commitments for Gillham, Golbeck and positive, significant results for all parties involved.

What Makes A Great Partnership

Our Commitment

We don't just match resumes with job descriptions to find candidates for our clients. Our process includes understanding our partners' needs, culture and the type of person that would work best in our clients' environment. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our client companies and to find the most exceptional talent for their organizations.

To ensure the right person is aligned with each company, we also develop long-term relationships with our candidates, taking time to discover their goals, ambitions, skills and preferences by interviewing each candidate in person.

And even after a placement is made, we guarantee that if that person leaves within a specific period of time, they will be replaced.

We are committed to making this process confidential, smooth and successful.

Partnership Expectations 

Parameters of a successful search will include:

  • An initial meeting to establish position requirements, develop an understanding of the company's culture and determine     compensation parameters.
  • Determination of a customized search process to which both the client and GGA can commit.
  • Timely feedback on candidates (usually within 24 to 48 hours of an interview).
  • The ability to discuss candidates presented and interviewed, including their motivation, experience and compensation   requirements.

Honesty and integrity in all matters

The Search Process

The search begins with an on-site visit to our client's place of business.  In a detailed discussion, we clarify the hiring company's needs and learn about its culture, goals, values and business challenges that the company hopes to solve through the new hire. This is a crucial step in getting the right executive or professional for the job. We feel that aligning an individual's personality to a company's culture is as important as matching his or her skills.

Once a search strategy is established, we commit all our team's resources and efforts to accomplishing client goals. The following steps are taken to produce real talent for real solutions in real time:


  • Produce a job presentation; secure client approval. 
  • Research the talent pool in appropriate markets.


  • Select an initial group of viable candidate prospects with client input.
  • Assess the qualifications of probable talent pool.
  • Perform in-depth personal interviews with potential clients.
  • Determine candidates to be presented to the client.


  • Prepare the client companies for interviews with background information.
  • Advise candidates regarding the company's needs and culture.
  • Coordinate the interviewing schedule.
  • Follow up with client companies and candidates after the interviews to gauge mutual, ongoing interest.
  • Check references and coordinate any testing required by the client.


  • Work with the client and candidate to address concerns.
  • Collaborate with client to negotiate a favorable offer.
  • Facilitate candidate acceptance.
  • Prepare candidate for resignation and a potential counteroffer.
  • Maintain contact with the new employee and hiring authority during the integration period.