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Why Talk To A Recruiter

Although our mission is to positively impact companies and enhance the careers of candidates, we are not an employment agency that finds employment for individuals who want to change jobs. Our service fee is always paid for by our client organizations, for whom we conduct exclusive and retained searches.

We do, however, exercise the same care and concern in identifying talented professionals and executives, as we do for meeting the unique placement needs of our client companies. The world of executive search and recruitment is about relationships, and we want to know about you.

What should you do if you get a call from an executive recruiter?

  • Be sure to take the call! Never brush off a recruiter or play hard to get.
  • Never say never. Even if you are happy in your job, it would be wise to volunteer to at least aid the recruiter in identifying good people in your field for their search.
  • Remember that business is changing fast. The job you love today may be quite different tomorrow.
  • Always have ready in your mind a summary of your current job, your talents and what you hope to do next. You should be able to convey this in two minutes.
  • Since recruiters often consult with former employees of your company, be cordial to everyone. You never know when someone may recommend you for a perfect new opportunity that will significantly enhance your career.
  • Even better...proactively explore the possibilities with Gillham, Golbeck & Associates.
  • If you are ready for a career change or a new opportunity, we invite you to contact us by email or phone. We may know of an opportunity for you.
  • When you contact Gillham, Golbeck & Associates, you are aligning yourself with search professionals who represent some of the most exciting placement opportunities in commercial real estate.
  • Many of our searches are not public knowledge or are entirely confidential in nature.

How We Work

Both companies and the candidates must "win" for a placement to be a success.

Gillham, Golbeck & Associates is always looking for executive and highly specialized candidates. Here's how we work with candidates.

Through an extensive interview process, Gillham, Golbeck does everything possible to understand the requirements and culture of our client companies. Based on that understanding, we develop a job description and detailed search plan to find the exact type of person who will successfully meet the client's critical requirements.

1.  Our search begins with Gillham, Golbeck's computerized, confident candidate database (VIP List). Sophisticated search capabilities can identify candidates for every type of commercial real estate position in every area of the U. S. Extensive industry networking and other sources are utilized to identify candidates, as well.
2.  The search team will then target individuals with identical or closely related skillsets, and investigate each candidate's  willingness to consider the opportunity before them.
3.  The recruiter then completes an indepth personal interview with each interested candidate to explore his or her work  experience, general accomplishments, needs and desires. If there is a fit, both in terms of skills and culture, the candidate will  meet with the hiring company.
4.  Gillham, Golbeck & Associates will NEVER distribute resumes or personal information to clients without the candidate's  approval. We will always be discrete in contacting candidates, and our conversations strictly confidential.
5.  Individuals selected by the hiring company for interviews will be guided by Gillham, Golbeck through every step of the hiring  process. We will:

• Prepare the candidate for the interview process and counsel them regarding career decisions.
• Negotiate with potential employers on behalf of the candidate.
• Help the person chosen resign from a current position and advise them on how to handle counteroffers.
• Stay in touch after the new employment is begun to assure a successful transition.